Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mom's Day Vacay

I hope everyone had as fabulous of a Mother's Day weekend as my Mom and I did. If only we could celebrate great moms everyday! Special holidays like this were one of the things I missed while I was in school and working in Boston. I learned to never take these special days for granted. So, after I returned home to Alabama, Mom and I have made it an annual Mother's Day tradition to go to Sandestin, Florida for a long weekend. This vacation has two extremely important purposes: food and thrift shopping. These are our bonding activities I suppose.

Okay, on to the pics. [Cue beach music, Jimmy Buffett or Beach Boys, if you will.]

We departed Wednesday morning at 5:30 AM. Yes folks, you read it correctly. Mom's an early bird, what can I say? We hopped in my dad's pick-up truck and off we went.

We shopped all the way down to Florida. The truck was halfway loaded before we even arrived in Sandestin. We sort of definitely looked like the Clampetts from Beverly Hilbillies. But we just couldn't resist the bargains we found.

Preface: I didn't snap any thrift store images. I mean, they aren't the most photogenic locations. So after you see these images, you may walk away thinking that all we did was eat. That's only half true.

Here is my fried shrimp po boy sandwich from Stinky's Fish Camp in Santa Rosa Beach on 30A. This restaurant is a must.

After lunch, we visited pastel heaven - Seaside. I never tire of seeing all of those pastel homes with crisp white woodwork. We shopped on Ruskin Street, which is behind the little circle. Lots o' cute shops, like this one - An Apartment in Paris. Great artwork.

Next we passed through Amore.

These gorgeous white clay pots caught our eye.

Next stop on 30A - Alys Beach. GORGEOUS. It's all white. I think Mom fell in love. Flanking both sides of 30 A at both ends are these white structures and palm trees flank the road. Gateway to bliss.

Look at all the white rooftops. Alys Beach is basically if Florida and Greece met and had a baby.

Look! Even the cars are white. 

That evening, we tried a new restaurant on 30A in Seagrove. It's called V Restaurant. They served warm, individually sized cornbreads in the cast iron pan. I don't have any more pics. The cornbread was actually our favorite part of the meal. Frowny face.

We spent Friday at the beach. The Gulf Coast never disappoints. Take that, BP oil.

A picture of my beautiful - inside and out- Mom. The rainbow umbrella is not ours. As my Mother would say, "We don't do multi-colors or busy patterns."

The remaining images were all taken at Cuvee Bistro in Destin. This entire dining experience was unparalleled, fabulous in every way. We heard about the restaurant while on vacation and actually found out that it's co-owned by an Alex. City couple - hometown folk! This is the white flatbread pizza. Just imagine the flatest of flat pizzas topped with fresh mozzarella and parmesan reggiano ricotta.

Mom ordered champagne (they serve individual splits!) and I ordered this tropical masterpiece also known as Peach Red Mojito. Muddled fresh mint, lime and a fresh peach slice with rum, some peach liquor, simple syrup and club soda. This is one of those drinks you could slurp in entirety.

I ordered the pork belly appetizer with granny smith apple slaw and some delicious brown sauce. It was pure-ty yumminess.

Mom ordered the Kung Pao Oysters, or as she calls them - the best thing she's ever eaten. I must say, as far as flavors go, this one was very complex. Spicy, sweet, tangy all in one. 

I chose the red snapper special for my entree, which came with white beans and spinach, tomatoes and a 10-year aged balsamic vinaigrette. 10-years old!

Mom opted for the panko fried lobster tail with a key lime aioli. I thought the key lime aioli was incredibly creative, no?

THE END! Thank you to my Mom for an over-the-top vacation. Love you!

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