Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Strawberry Cake

As you may know, strawberry season has just come and gone. Maybe a few more weeks left. Dad and I caught the tail end of the season this year. We went to the same place as last year and each walked away with our own gallon bucket full.

Going in, I thought I would make strawberry jam but I started second-guessing my canning abilities. So, I thought I would redeem myself with the strawberry cake I baked for Lizzie's birthday. It was delicious, but it was a mess. A runny, hot-mess. Here's a reminder if you have forgotten what it looked like. See the icing drippinig down onto the cake plate. Not. pretty.

The fresh berries, washed and hulled, awaiting their transformation:

The bottom layer, fresh out of the oven and cooled. I placed parchment paper underneath the cake to keep the pedestal nice and clean.

Icing on the cake...literally. It didn't run one bit. A success!

Her glamour shot with a sprig of my homegrown mint. 
And yes, my cake is a "she." I feel like a proud mama. 

Andddd a close-up shot.

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